How to Have an Epic Cottage Weekend

Plan, plan, plan and research.

Nothing puts a dent in fun like unpleasant surprises.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a crazy planner and researcher. But you also have to leave some room for spontaneity and possibilities.


Find the perfect location. Research. AirBnB, Craigslist, Kijiji. Make sure you go over what they include and what they don’t include. Ask questions! The hosts are usually more than willing to answer, if they don’t, then that’s probably a sign that you should run in the opposite direction. Does it come with anything? How many bathrooms? Wi-Fi? Amenities? Fully equipped kitchen? Does it come with free firewood? Does it even have a fireplace? Can you check in and check out later? All you have to do is ask. Know what you can live with and without and then make sure you bring whatever is missing because it’s no fun if you have to scramble last minute to buy what you’re missing when you could have easily prevented the mishap with a little research.

If you don’t have an AirBnB account, it’s very easy to set one up! I finally did it myself, it took I believe 2 clicks and a few keystrokes.


You likely have a car so have a list of activities you and your friends can participate in! Don’t forget to bring your fun hat and some board games – go back to the basics.

As for other activities: Spa? Cute village nearby? Skiing? Tubing? Feeling more adventurous? How about ice climbing! A quick Google search (or asking your hosts for suggestions) will open up a world of possibilities and fun! And of course, this all depends on weather! Summer or Winter, there are always great activities to participate indoors and outdoors.


If you are planning to cross the boarder for the weekend, make sure everybody has health insurance. It may escape your mind since it’s only a weekend, but having dislocated my elbow across the boarder and dealing with all the pain (quite literally), I can tell you, a little planning and spending ahead can go a long way to peace of mind should anything happen.


Make sure everybody is aware of costs (how will you take care of the money? The gas?), time (when are you guys meeting, and where?).


Make sure you have awesome friends! The company is often what makes for great experiences J Hopefully you guys are all similar and on the same page about what to do and when but otherwise, if you’re a group, you can always split up into smaller groups.

AND finally, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY AND RELAX! With a little time and planning, you can set yourself up for a great worry free fun packed weekend 🙂


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