Things don’t always go according to plan: vision board

What the heck is the plan anyway? Over the years, I’ve grown a lot as a person. Life is only a tragedy if you make it that way, if you think it that way, if you let it fester. Life is amazing. Focus on all the good, even when everything seems doomed – that’s the real test. Be sad, feel sad, but then get out of it – don’t stay there. There is always a silver lining. The sad thing is not learning a lesson because there is always a lesson to be learned and that’s when growth and change happens. I’ve had my share of “failures” in my jobs, love, friendship. I’ve lived through depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and hospital visits (for accidental physical trauma) and all I can say is, it’s made me a stronger better person. Sometimes it takes a big slap in the face to shake you to the core and truly create positive change in your life.

There are various tools to help you get there but it all starts and ends with YOU. Be the catalyst for change. One way to do this is have a vision board. Be direct about what you want. Sit down and think, really think about what you want in life. In my case, I chose financial goals as well as focusing on positive thinking and reframing my mind and vision of the world.

You can cut out images from magazines, find them online or in my case, I made quite a few because I’m inspired by beautiful things and could not find what I wanted online. Most people do this on cardboard as a collage. I chose to turn mine into art as well since I’d be looking at this on a daily basis. It sits above my desk. I then got them printed at Staples and on 65lbs cardstock so they wouldn’t be flimsy. Again this is me taking it to the next level but blame the designer in me. Details matter :p Mine is on a magnetic glass white board so I can also add my daily “to-do” list here but this also allows me to easily swap out various goals as life progresses or as needed.

The point isn’t to make something perfect and permanent – there is no such thing as perfection . It’s to start something and watch it grow and change you. Do whatever works best FOR YOU.

Strive for progress, not perfection.

More to come on positive thinking and life. 🙂



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  1. love how your vision board turned out!


  2. Love your art work

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